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We use our wiki for general documentation, organization and collection of ideas.


A nice, comfortable web access to our emails and office applications.


Git offers a state of the art version control system for all kind of projects.


Convenient online storage for sync and backups


Communication is the most important ability of mankind, especially in modern times. Not only in the form of direct conversation, but in the once noble way of letters. These were carried by more or less trustworthy messengers, of which several enriched themselves by undermining allegiance. An efficient worldwide postal system evolved keeping pace with industrial needs.

Delivery follows the simple principle of knowing the recipient's postal address consisting of a road and city, internationality also a country. In the age of the internet, snail mail was invented. Independent of the geographical position, messages are transferred according to their domain. It is no more necessary to send address updates to all correspondents, but you are dependent on the maintainer or your administrator.

A comfortable and lazy option is to yield your address to some less trustworthy sovereign exploiting the transferred information for profit. Most educational institutions and organizations also provide an address for their employees, which is much better but normally only lasts as long as you work for them.

The only solution to this is to establish your own fort at a location which will not change. With an obedient door keeper we provide a long term home for receiving and storing information. We strive to provide «nlogn.org» as long as the domain name system exists.


We want to deliver reliable email service for at least 20 years

— Jan, Simeon and Felix

About us

Jan Binder

Personal interests:

  • open source software
  • F/OS CAD/CAM/machining
  • electronics
  • physics

Felix Engelmann

I'm a Postdoc at ITU

In my free time, I co-organise various Young Physicists‘ Tournaments (A-, G-, and IYPT)

Contact me at felix-hello@nlogn.org about

  • applied cryptography
  • privacy
  • networking / IPv6
  • containers

Marcel Neidinger

I'm a BSc Student in Computer Science at Uni Basel

My main interests are

  • Machine Intelligence
  • Statistics
  • Financial Engineering
  • Triathlons

Simeon Völkel

Experimental physicist and Dr. rer. nat. who got as well a bit into physics education. Currently advancing eMobility in the pre-development department at ABL GmbH.